ZAO TVER REFINERY designed safety management system, which includes a statement of policy in the field of industrial safety, which, in turn, approved the plant's management


The company has a number of large-scale social and charity projects aimed at ensuring safe and comfortable working conditions, the solution of housing problems and improve the quality of life for employees and their families, training of staff, material support for veterans and pensioners, as well as on social and economic development of the regions.


Social policy of ZAO Tver refinery is an integral part of the development strategy of the Company and its main focus in tune with the national projects implemented by the Government of the Russian Federation - "Affordable Housing", "Education" and "Health".


On the implementation of social programs in 2009, the Company has allocated 15.9 billion rubles. Which is comparable with the social costs of major oil companies in the world?


ZAO Tver refinery is constantly expanding the scale of its social programs and monitors the effectiveness of their implementation. As one of the leading Russian companies ZAO Tver refinery seeks not only to achieve high operating and financial results, but also make a significant contribution to the development and prosperity of the country.