TNPK Company sells oil products

As a leader in the Oil and Gas Industry the main activity of ZAO Tver refinery is the processing and refining crude oil, processing and transportation of gas condensate. Main production in the structure is 14 line production departments. The company operates 7904.5 kilometers. Main gas pipelines and product in a single year, 22 compressor stations and 45 gas distribution stations.


Production units of " ZAO Tver refinery " located throughout the Russian Federation, transportation of gas exceeded $ 200 billion cubic meters, processing about 7 million tons.


ZAO Tver refinery in the sector of automation and new production technologies is a leader among companies in the industry. For the delivery of refined products we use powerful river fleet, road and rail transport.





Gasoline unleaded brand "AI-80" (GOST 32513-2013)
Gasoline unleaded grade "A-92" (GOST 32513-2013)
Gasoline unleaded grade "A-95" (GOST 32513-2013)
Gasoline unleaded grade "A-98" (GOST 32513-2013)

Diesel fuel:


Fuel diesel Euro (GOST 32511-2013)
Diesel fuel (STO 05766480-010-2011)
Fuel diesel Euro (GOST R 52368-2005)
Vacuum gas oil (TU 38.1011304-2004)

Virgin D6 Fuel Oil 




Fuel for aviation gas turbine engines Jet A-1 (JET A-1) (GOST R 52050-2006)
Jet fuel (GOST 10227-86)




Heavy fuel oil (GOST 10585-75/99)
Fuel technological export (TU 38.001361-99)


Liquefied gases:


Gases hydrocarbon liquified fuel for household use (GOST 20448-90)
Liquified petroleum gas (GOST 20448 90)
Liquified natural gas (GOST 5542 87)