Welcome to ZAO "Tver Refinery" ZAO "TNPK"

ZAO Tver refinery Oil resources have long been an active participant in the Russian market of petrochemical products.


The priority activity of our company is the implementation and delivery of petroleum products to industrial enterprises and transport organizations. 


We make sure that in our warehouse is constantly present a wide range of products. All of us realized products are of consistently high quality and level of service is able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers - while working with the order of our specialists will consider all your suggestions and comments. 


The close partnership relations with Russian and foreign petroleum producers, which supports and promotes our company, allow us to deliver the goods at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time. 





The main activities of tver refinery is a exporter of all kinds of petroleum products. As a leader in this sector we strive to provide the best conditions for pricing and contract terms, we use modern technology to process raw materials at our refinery (oil, gas condensate, equipment.


Our Managements teams are highly qualified employees with many years of experience are our main resource, providing quality services. ZAO TVER REFINERY brings together the efforts of specialists in various fields of activity with a lot of practical experience:


we strive to achieve professional approach of our highly skilled and quality products and services by taking into consideration: optimum cost, delivery time, customer satisfactions, safety, health the staffs performance at work and fire safety.


A large petrochemical plant, which was put into operation in 2012, sells its products: 


  • Petrol "Premium Euro-95" up to 550 ths. Tons per month and "Super Euro-98" up to 210 ths. Tons per month. 
  • Diesel fuel "Euro-5" to 570 ths. Tons per month. 
  • Etiltretbutilovy ether (ETBE) to 50 thousand. Tonnes per month. 
  • Benzene up to 38 ths. Tons per month. 
  • Toluene to 34 ths. Tons per month. 
  • Paraxylene to 34 ths. Tons per month. 
  • Isopropyl alcohol, anhydrous to 34 thousand. Tonnes per month. 
  • Polypropylene, granulated to 29 thous. Tons per month. 
  • Jet fuel (TS-1, RT, Jet A-1) up to 80 ths. Tons per month. 
  • Toluilendiizotsionat (TDI, TDI) to 15 thousand. Tons per month.

shipment. Can be delivered to the consumer. Competitive market prices. For regular customers a reliable program of discounts and payment terms of comfort.